This is M. Sasek

This is M. Sasek is a whistle-stop tour through the life and work of Czech illustrator and artist Miroslav Sasek. He was the creator of the much loved This is... series of children's travel guides, which were first published between 1959 and 1974. The half-title page of This is M. Sasek reads 'In Memories, Documents and Pictures'... Continue Reading →


Earlier this year I was excited to see the illustrations of Paul Thurlby brightening up the restaurant in a branch of John Lewis. This huge cut-out and a series of window illustrations were part of the store's 'National Treasures' promotion, showcasing the British summer in all its glory. The promotion (and summer) are over, but... Continue Reading →

Unwrap a Retro Birthday

Greetings cards may losing the battle against e-cards, texts and FaceBook messages, but a gift that comes packaged in classy wrapping paper is still worth a thousand words. In the case of the sample shown above, it's definitely worth a lot more than the £1.25 I paid in a branch of Paperchase yesterday afternoon. That's... Continue Reading →

This is Edinburgh

Colourful, informative, humorous and cosmopolitan, the work of Miroslav Sasek is all over the internet these days. The Czech author and illustrator died in 1980, but thanks to a series of reprints from Universe Publishing, many of his popular "This is . . ." titles no longer languish in obscurity. If, like me, you follow... Continue Reading →

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