Gwyneth Mamlok: Peter and Jane in the garden

In 1964 Peter and Jane made their debut in the long-running Key Words scheme series published by Ladybird Books. In the same year, Peter and Jane in the garden was published by Golden Pleasure Books. Written and illustrated by Gwyneth Mamlok, this book shows some clear similarities with her series of Candy books, which followed a year later.... Continue Reading →

Gwyneth Mamlok: Candy and the Golden Eagle

In 2013 I wrote about my love of Gwyneth Mamlok's series of Candy picture books. These were the stories I enjoyed most as a young girl growing up in the 1960s. In my original post I left out pictures of the third book in the series, Candy and the Golden Eagle, which was published by Thomas Nelson... Continue Reading →

Gwyneth Mamlok’s Candy Books

Illustrated children's fiction from the 1960s is so popular now that I was surprised to find that Gwyneth Mamlok's Candy series is still languishing in obscurity. I have Googled in vain for biographical information about the author and illustrator of the six Candy titles that were published in the mid-60s by Thomas Nelson and Sons.... Continue Reading →

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