Noggin and the Moon mouse

Of all the children's books featured on this blog so far, Noggin and the Moon mouse ranks as perhaps my all-time favourite childhood story. It was written by Oliver Postgate and illustrated by Peter Firmin, who went on to create Bagpuss. Decades before Game of Thrones hit our screens, the men of the Northlands were... Continue Reading →


Vintage Snap! cards by Abbatt Toys

Recently unearthed from the Big Box of Things My Mother Hasn't Thrown Away is this vintage set of Snap! cards by Abbatt Toys. The box is looking a bit faded and is in a 'played with' condition, though you can still just about make out where Mum has inscribed my name in the top left... Continue Reading →

Dick Bruna: The little bird

Dick Bruna, who died in 2017, is best known as the creator of the Miffy books. But there are many other gems from his huge back catalogue, including The little bird, which was first published in Holland in 1959. My copy of The little bird is an early Methuen edition. It was given to me in 1967,... Continue Reading →

Topsy and Tim’s Snowy Day

Four years ago I wrote that I had ruined my vintage copy of Topsy and Tim's Snowy Day by scrawling over it in pen. In a lovely Christmas surprise, I've just unearthed the book and discovered that it's only the front cover that has been spoiled. Fortunately, the back cover image is identical (see above).... Continue Reading →

Stamps of English churches

I'm no expert on philately. You could probably summarise what I know about postage stamps on the back of one of the Royal Mail's finest. I do like architecture, which is the main reason why I bought this beautiful collection of five vintage UK postage stamps. The unused stamps date from 1972 and feature five... Continue Reading →

Vintage clown cut-out

Even the power of mighty Google can't help me identify this jolly clown cut-out from my childhood. If you've visited this blog before, you may remember that I come from a family of hoarders. My mother has carefully preserved all my toys, schoolbooks and childhood artefacts from the 1960s and 70s. So I was very... Continue Reading →

Earlier this year I was excited to see the illustrations of Paul Thurlby brightening up the restaurant in a branch of John Lewis. This huge cut-out and a series of window illustrations were part of the store's 'National Treasures' promotion, showcasing the British summer in all its glory. The promotion (and summer) are over, but... Continue Reading →

John Lewis bag for life

Normally I wouldn't consider plastic bags to be a worthy subject for blogging. But I'm making an exception in the case of this John Lewis bag for life. Just 10p buys you this lovely selection of mid-century advertising images from the John Lewis archive. From kitchens, fashion and stylish lighting . . . . .... Continue Reading →

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