John Lewis bag for life

Normally I wouldn’t consider plastic bags to be a worthy subject for blogging. But I’m making an exception in the case of this John Lewis bag for life.

Just 10p buys you this lovely selection of mid-century advertising images from the John Lewis archive.


From kitchens, fashion and stylish lighting . . .


. . . to the very latest in home entertainment.


I’d be quite happy shopping in this charmingly old-fashioned version of my favourite department store. I don’t even think I’d miss the mountain of Macs and 4K TVs that dominate the floor space in the 21st-century stores.

john-lewis-bag-for-life-3I’m glad that the compulsory plastic bag charge has helped to reduce the mountain of disposable bags polluting the environment.


Yes, I know I’m paying extra to give free advertising to the store where I’ve just spent my hard-earned cash. At least I’m doing it in style.


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