Sheila Robinson illustrations


The Taft Hotel blog is back, with some beautiful vintage illustrations by artist Sheila Robinson.

This booklet of music and lyrics accompanied a BBC radio series for children in the 1960s. I found it in a drawer in my parents’ house, along with a pile of my school exercise books.

I wasn’t born until the autumn term of 1963, so I’m guessing these broadcasts were still going on when I was at primary school in the early 70s. The booklet is in very good condition, which probably reflects my lack of interest in playing music.


As a fan of mid-century illustration, I’m sorry that I wasn’t aware of Sheila Robinson or her work until today. Thanks to Google, I now know that she was married to artist and printmaker Bernard Cheese and was the mother of illustrator and printmaker Chloe Cheese. A very talented family. Sheila died in

Sheila Robinson and Bernard Cheese were among the group of artists – notably Edward Bawden and Eric Ravilious – who lived and worked in Great Bardfield, Essex during the middle of the 20th century.


According to the Fry Art Gallery website, Sheila Robinson seems to have been equally brilliant at book illustration and evocative scenes of English landscapes and towns. She was obviously a lover of cats.


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