Unwrap a Retro Birthday

Paperchase wrapping paper

Greetings cards may losing the battle against e-cards, texts and FaceBook messages, but a gift that comes packaged in classy wrapping paper is still worth a thousand words. In the case of the sample shown above, it’s definitely worth a lot more than the £1.25 I paid in a branch of Paperchase yesterday afternoon.

That’s right, one sheet of this fabulous, 60s-inspired, Pan Am meets David Klein paper costs less than a cup of coffee. I wish I had bothered to check whether the name of the pattern or the designer was printed on there, before I got busy with the scissors! If any Paperchase customers out there can supply details, please let me know.

This travel-themed paper also looks as though it should be gracing the endpapers of one of Miroslav Sasek’s This Is . . . books. (Sadly, Sasek never got as far as Madrid or Amsterdam – let alone Rio.)

I also love this understated, vintage-look paper, which came wrapped around one of my birthday presents last year. The muted yellow colour and the style of the pen and ink illustrations reminds me of Festival of Britain (1951) era design – maybe even earlier. Again, I have no idea who is responsible for this pattern, but I think the paper may have come from a branch of Daunt Books in London.

Daunt Books 50s style wrapping paper

Finally, I must mention another all-time favourite Paperchase gift wrap, which I’m going to call “Pears ‘n’ Hearts”. It seems the ubiquitous Orla Kiely isn’t the only designer who takes inspiration from the shape of my favourite fruit.

More pears
If you’re buying a birthday present for anyone this weekend, choose your wrapping paper with love.


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